Liquid Leak Detection

realSens™ Liquid Leak Detection

Synodon’s patented realSens™ camera allows pipeline operators unprecedented insight into underground leaks within their network. Underground pipelines often have pinhole leaks that go undetected for periods of time prior to a major rupture. Being able to identify these leaks and proactively repair them before a spill minimizes environmental damage, is significantly more cost effective, and protects shareholder value. Utilizing realSens™ technology enhances existing integrity management programs to ensure the highest level of protection available.

  • Highest Probability of Detection (PoD) in the world due to realSens™ wide 64 meter field of view and incredible sensitivity
  • Detect small underground leaks that do not have liquids reaching the surface
  • Prevent ruptures by proactively repairing pinhole leaks
  • High resolution visual images of entire network
  • Plume images of all vapour anomalies

Adding realSens™ Liquid Leak Detection to existing integrity management systems ensures the highest level of preventive maintenance possible. Mass balancing systems are very adept at providing immediate notification of large ruptures, however approximately a 1% variance is the smallest they can detect. For a pipeline moving 100,000 barrels per day (bpd) that means a leak of 1,000 bpd; for a 250,000 bpd line that equates to 2,500 bpd. realSens™ is capable of detecting underground leaks of only 10 bpd – giving pipeline operators previously unachievable insight to small corrosion problems and allowing for proactive response programs to mitigatefuture ruptures and massive environmental damage.

Leveraging Synodon’s supplementary aerial services to gain complete transparency of your entire network; what areas have vegetation encroachment, is there construction near your pipeline, has there been a change in riverbank slopes due to erosion that may have exposed the pipeline? Synodon can ensure your pipeline network meets the toughest compliance standards and has the highest level of integrity management possible.

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