Pipeline Location Classification

Synodon Pipeline Location Classification

Federal and local regulations require pipeline operators to monitor the areas surrounding their pipelines and submit the classification to the appropriate authorities.  While the frequency of these submissions various depending on the jurisdiction, the challenges posed do not.

Synodon’s Pipeline Location Classification service simplifies this process for pipeline operators.  After a realSens aerial survey is conducted (complete with high-resolution imagery) analysts utilize Synodon’s proprietary algorithms to derive class locations based upon the pipeline’s proximity to buildings, places of public assembly, and population density.

Synodon’s high-resolution camera captures a 400-meter field of view with amazing clarity.

Additionally, all the images can be directly integrated with common GIS systems allowing operators to share full visuals throughout their entire company.

Combining this service with additional Synodon offers such as realSens Leak Detection, Tree Canopy Encroachment, and Right-of-Way Change Detection will meet all of your airborne integrity management needs.

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