Pipeline Threat Assessment

Pipeline Threat Assessments:

Monitoring pipeline networks for threats is an ongoing challenge for operators. Synodon’s Pipeline Threat Assessment service assists operators by taking a snapshot in time and identifying potential hazards to a pipeline’s integrity. Construction activity in the area, equipment (i.e. backhoes) over top the line, or new buildings near the Right-of-Way are examples of potential hazards. High-resolution visual images of the entire surveyed area are captured and analyzed by Synodon and provide a record of exactly what challenges are faced throughout time.

Examples of Pipeline Threat Assessment Images

Erosion is another common problem that can lead to exposed pipelines, which cause a high risk to the operator and citizens in the area. Erosion can happen naturally or be caused by large storms, flash floods, heavy equipment traffic, etc.

  • High-resolution images of entire network
  • Specific concerns pinpointed with precise GPS coordinates
  • Snapshots in time can be overlaid to show changes as time progresses

Operators often have high consequence areas flown frequently by fixed wing aircraft but that relies upon the pilot to notice and identify problems; Synodon’s service done quarterly or semi-annually give indisputable compliance coverage.

Example of pipeline threat: construction equipment near the line.

Example of pipeline threat: washout or flash flood exposed this pipeline.

Additionally, Synodon is able to deliver the visual images in formats that integrate with common GIS systems allowing operators to share visual images of their entire network throughout the organization. This can assist with future planning of construction projects, clarity on challenging terrain, and proper assessment of tools & transportation required for maintenance jobs.

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