Right-of-Way Change Detection

Synodon’s state of the art Right-of-Way Change Detection service allows pipeline operators to monitor changes along their Right-of-Way (RoW) over time.  The first survey done by Synodon creates a base data set that future survey’s will be comparedagainst.  Using Synodon’s proprietary algorithms, analysts highlight significant changes along the RoW that may impact the integrity of the pipeline.

  • Evidence of excavation
  • Changes to the location and profile of waterway banks
  • Flooding of low laying areas

Synodon delivers a high-resolution visual image of the entire RoW to operators with highlighted areas of concern.  Not only does this facilitate intelligent proactive decision making, but provides a complete oversight of the entire network that can be shared throughout the company and leveraged to assist with future construction projects, enhance meeting presentations with visual insights, and provide supplemental support for a wide variety of regulatorycompliance concerns.

Utilize Synodon’s Right-of-Way Change Detection service in conjunction with realSens Leak Detection, Tree Canopy Encroachment, Water Crossings Analysis, Pipeline Threat Detection, and Pipeline Location Classification to fully complement your pipeline integrity management program.

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