Tree Canopy Encroachment

Synodon - Tree Canopy Encroachment

Monitoring vegetation growth and possible encroachment has long been a challenge for pipeline operators. Synodon’s Tree Canopy Encroachment service allows operators to ensure compliance with federal regulations and have a documented history of changes and growth over time. Not only does this meet regulatory requirements, but also allows operators to more efficientlyutilize their resources and deploy their vegetation management teams to specific locations of concern. Removing the guesswork and human error elements mitigates this potential risk.

  • Accurate location information and visual images showing the specific cause of each vegetation encroachment area
  • Indisputable proof for regulatory compliance

Synodon’s Tree Canopy Encroachment service can be combined with realSens™ Leak Detection and other optional services such as Pipeline Threat Assessments, Water Crossing Analysis, and Right-of-Way Change Detection to compliment existing procedures ensuring the Operator has the highest level of integrity management program available.

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